Love Light Centre

Healing Body, Mind & Spirit with Ancient Practices & Healings

  •                                                       ✿ Western Herbalism
  •                                                        ✿ Flower essences
  •                                                            ✿ Iridology
  • Reiki
  • Tarot & Runes
  • Crystal & Chakra healing
  • Meditation
  • Spirit guides
  •                                                   Massage & Treatments
  •  ✿ Ayurveda

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Relax, Heal & Rejuvenate. Take a moment from your busy daily schedule to release your burdens and stress. Centre yourself with a healing massage or treatment. Nurture & nourish your body-mind system.

✿ Nestled in the quaint town of Lobethal in the pristine Adelaide Hills is a sacred health centre blessed & revered by Spirit for true healing & the imparting of ancient wisdom ✿

Gods & goddesses walk the floors here & fairy magic hangs in the air. Come, enrich your life, comfort your soul, enhance your spiritual growth & bask in true magic!

Reiki, crystals & flower essences – powerful vibrational healers revered by Spirit – heal energies in the purest, fastest & gentlest way possible. Balancing & cleansing of Chakras & the entire body system is achieved. Tarot, Runes & Spirit guides offer invaluable guidance & wisdom.

Ancient herbs are full of wisdom & help the body remove energy blocks as they  summon healing energy to us. They are simply dynamic, vital & alive; & help is available for all aliments or simply to maintain vitality during the cycle of life. It is possible to live wisely & well, in harmony blessed with nature.

Spirit is always blessing us from above & they love to talk! You are never alone on your journey, so open your heart & mind & experience life renewed. Work with the divineness around you & you’ll never look back!

Incense, crystals & books are also available to support you on your spiritual journey.

Relaxation is vital for stress relief. Enjoy massage therapies, a revitalising tea menu and a relaxing and rejuvenating spa regime. The world’s best organic herbal skin
and body care products are hand picked for you, to ensure a luxurious experience
with impeccable results with both health & beauty in mind.

Love & Light is a sacred health centre created to unite Science & Spirit. We provide support, guidance & accountability, help clients set goals, change negative behaviour patterns & make sustainable lifelong changes.  Needs are identified & addressed on physical, emotional, psychological & spiritual levels. The aim is to empower you, so you can reach your full potential!

Blessed be on your journey of light…may it be extraordinary!  

       At your service, Ivanka-Jane Walker x

✿BLESSiNGS✿˜”*°•.¸.•*”˜✿LOVE✿˜”*°•.¸.•♥*✿HOPE✿˜”*°•.¸.•°*”˜✿LiGHT✿˜”*°•*”˜✿JOY✿˜”*°•.¸.•*”˜✿ABUNDANCE✿˜”*°•.¸.•° *✿MAGiC✿*

Online services: Distant Healings & Readings. Also Spell work.

Western Herbalism or Ayurveda consults are also available via distant means. Please email me for consultation forms.

Online workshops: Flower Essences

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