Client healings

Each & every client healing session I’ve experienced is different, but this gives you an idea of what a spiritual healing session is & the magic that happens:

  • Yogananda appeared showing me how to bless the crystal on your heart chakra to enforce the energy there & how to strike the singing bowl for the lighter tones needed. Your chest was ‘punched’ with light quite forcibly, to ensure the healing light remains. He ‘became’ me, using me as a channel to push his healing light inside you. He bought my attention to the intense diamond of light inside the chest, and the purity and wealth here. He told me you would be healed. There was no doubt, only certainty. His energy and presence is magnificent.
  • I could feel X had a blocked base chakra. After I used crystals, Reiki & sound therapy to clear the blockage, an American Indian medicine woman appeared standing at an open fire. She wanted the client to know they have forgotten about their spiritual connection to the earth and just how powerful they are. She wants them to remember they have the ability to heal their life – they have this magical ability and power within. Connect with ancient earth energy, feel the ancestors and Great Spirit around you, call them to you and ask for their assistance. You are not doing this alone. Use the magic of the stones, herbs and natural things around you – everything is full of magic and power. Harness it and take what you need – it is all there for you, everything you could ever need. Connect by performing healing rituals and use the power of the smoke. Cleanse your sacred space and your aura, send your healing prayers up to spirit and release your burdens, ask them to help you transform and shift, to bring in more and more light. See your energies plunging deeply down into the earth’s core – make a strong connection. Feel the security here, the power.
  • Deep Heart chakra issues & as I started the healing two surgeons appeared for psychic surgery and pushed my hands over your heart chakra. They were cold and clinical. They sliced you open and cut out you heart placing it in my hands. It was grey and lifeless, barely throbbing. They cut the main arteries and tossed your lifeless heart onto the dirt ground. I felt sadness overwhelm me looking at it and wanted to stay in this emotional sense of loss state.  But there were more important matters to deal with and I reluctantly tore myself away to stare at the open hole in your chest and the severed arteries falling from your chest cavity. Suddenly a new heart was arriving! It is big and healthy glowing golden with a hint of pink. It was so alive and vital, shiny and bright! They placed it inside you and attached your arteries, healing your wound.  I couldn’t believe the sudden shift in energy! New vitality was pumping through your body, your veins, and your cells. Everything was perfect! But I still looked back at the old discarded part of you on the ground trying not to get emotionally attached to what had just happened, to all that was being left behind. And so this is you and how you must be. Cut the old parts off, be cold and clinical and don’t look back! Most of all control your emotions – you are the master of your emotions, not the other way around. The golden Reiki energy coming from my hands changed direction and starting looking for another mind and heart to heal. I tried harder to direct the energy to you, but it was no longer needed.
  • Angel energy was very strongly present throughout your Tarot reading & healing. They are asking you to draw on their strength for healing & transformation. Stop overburdening your system & release your worries to them. Protect yourself from taking on energy that doesn’t belong to you – use crystals, white light & magick herbs. The soul needs recognition, so maintaining some kind of spiritual practice that you are comfortable with is important. Connect with nature, pray, meditate, but feel the divine connection you have with the universe & feed & nurture your soul. Seeing you are more than your physical body removes the illusion of life. Your life takes on more meaning, you feel more positive & draw positive experiences to you.
  • When I connected I felt a very strong religious energy around you: Christ energy & angels. They gave me shafts of light and placed them in my hands to use during your healing – very powerful, like a mega strong torchlight shining from my hands into you. A shaft of light beaming down from the heavens was also over us both during your healing session. Your Crown chakra also resembles this mega strong torchlight – it is bright, big and clear, they recognize you easily, so beautiful to see! This is a perfect Crown chakra connecting fully with Spirit, God & universal energy. (I found out after the healing that this client has a very strong Catholic faith & prays daily)