Thank you Ivanka,  this (Spirit channel) is special & very much appreciated.  Thank you also for today,  I felt really happy after our session. Blessings Kerry

The insights from Spirit were truly gorgeous thank you x x Marnie

Thank you so much! You are truly gifted and I’m sending love and light to you to say thank you ~ Chantal

Thank you so much. I am so glad I found you. The sessions with you are pretty much life saving.  I know that sounds dramatic, but without your help & guidance, I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do as regularly as I have been. Thank you, thank you, thank you ~ Lisa

Thank you Ivanka for your beautiful guidance. Really felt great when I left with a different view on life. Thank you again, you have such a beautiful spirit ~ Jodie

Thank you so very much Ivanka. I feel so grounded & at peace after our meeting I feel very blessed. You are such a warm caring person & your Reiki was unforgettable, I have never felt such energy before! I look forward to the future & seeing you again soon ~ Kate

Thank you Ivanka. You are a true angel, such a lovely lady. I really appreciated the reading yesterday & the inspiring & beautiful Spirit Guide message ~ it was perfect for me. I will come to see you again another time soon ~ Torrie

Thank u Ivanka so so much. I was moved reading about your experience with the distant healing! Wow! – J

Thanks for your healing session. You’re very talented at what you do! – Jo

You were fantastic, I feel like a new person! Thank you so much Ivanka, I have felt so much better. You’ve put me on the right path & everything’s fallen into place. I swear by this stuff now! – Deirdre

Thank you so much Ivanka 🙂 I feel better already! – Bianca

Many, many thanks for this session Ivanka, & for the attached information. Wow, the channelled message from spirit is powerful & helpful, such a blessing for me, I thank you.These messages I will print & study, & keep them  close by as a daily reminder of who I am & where I’m heading. I look forward to your newsletter, & seeing you again.  You have given me a much needed boost of encouragement & direction & I’m feeling re-energised! –  Julie

Thank you Ivanka for your lovely healing session today. It has given me a boost & a positive direction to follow. You are an Angel! Cheers Jodie

When ever I come to see you at the centre, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm & well being. I don’t know how to thank you for all you have done for me. – Janine

You truly are a worker from the heart! – Emma

So special for me to have crossed paths & met you today. Thank you for your wonderful reading & advice. I truly left today feeling more in touch & connected with more of a truer purpose to what I need to do for me. I will definitely be in touch for some healing & Reiki. Thank you for what you do – truly amazing! – Sarah.

“Thank you for this …feeling better about self,  both inner & outside factors…You will see me again soon, cheers.” – Dave

“Thank you so much for the time you spent with me, I received a lot of insight about myself which I can now focus on improving. I felt elated when I came home. I will try to get to the meditation sessions on Tuesdays & will book to see you again to continue on this path of spiritual awareness & healing.  I will strive to achieve patience, contentment, balance, & tolerance through belief, guidance & enlightenment.” – Sam

“I found the Jacaranda Flower Essences WONDERFUL & would like to get some more, as I notice a huge difference when not using them!” – A

“I have a friend who says “People come into one’s life for a reason”, I am glad that you have come into my life.” – Gwen

“I had a wonderful reading with you the other day, thank you!” – Annie

“Thank you for looking after my mum the other day, she had quite an emotional reaction from the Reiki session & got a lot out of the healing session.” – Marnie

“Thank you so much for the healing etc! It has helped tremendously & a new light has come in with a wonderful idea to strive towards! Wow! Just could not see it before! You are amazing!” A.H

“Thank you so much. I will be working on me. I will take time for me which I hardly do! Thank you & very grateful!” – Annmarie

“Thank you so much, the perfect timing in so many ways! I thoroughly enjoyed our session yesterday, everything was beneficial on all levels.I related to your words & sensed your healing, through light & warmth. Wonderful Stuff, a revelation!!!  I really appreciate all the brilliant reminders you’ve given me. I needed “a gentle kick in the right place”….LOL!” – Lynette

“You are very good, spot on, very accurate.  I did not get the job I applied for & you said I wouldn’t.” B.J

“Thank you for the session, it was very informative, helpful & much appreciated.” 🙂  Melissa

“I just have to thank you for your healing session. Afterwards, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me & I can’t thank you enough!” – M.C

“The Calm & Clear Essence has certainly done something!  I’ve noticed small shifts over the last week, with another big shift happening last night! Thank you for all your goodness xx” – Tammy

“Thanks again for the beautiful session the other week in Adelaide! And for the Spirit channel – that’s a strong message to keep coming back to!  It was amazing how you went straight to the heart of my fears, I’ve been trying to remember to breathe life in fully! Which seems to highlight other blockages & resistances in itself, good to become more aware of old patterns.” – Leila, Vic

“So very excited to have found you! I’ve had the most peaceful 4 days – I didn’t check my work emails once, something I normally do every 1/2 hr on days off. I’ve remembered my flower essences every morning & have found great comfort in my crystals. I even meditated for the 1st time in my life (other than guided meditation) – it was lovely! Your notes are so helpful, everything you said makes sense & I’m excited about all the things I can do to work on them. Thank you so much.” – Louise

“Thank you so very much for this (Spirit Guide channel)! It was a wonderful addition to the session I had with you. I’m very glad to have met you & for all the help you have been. I look forward to working with you more.” – Deborah

“Thank you for todays appointment your reading was spot on with the way I’d been feeling etc. Thank you for your guidance & information it will help tremendously on my new path in life.” xx – Serena