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Your deep connection to the Earth is vital for health, joy and wellbeing. This grounding exercise is not only effective for balancing the Base or Root chakra, but works to anchor your energy firmly, which is important prior to meditation or any spiritual work of this kind. Never “fly” until you are anchored, this rule is important, Spirit says.

Remove distractions and seek a quiet place. Close your eyes, stand with feet shoulder width apart and arms loosely at your side. Envelop yourself in a healing white light, then slowly and deeply breathe this energy in. Focus. Nothing else exists, but you and this light.

Move your attention to your feet and imagine roots growing from your soles, deeply penetrating the Earth’s core, anchoring you firmly. Feel the tension and stress melt away from you, flowing down into the Earth to be transformed.

Now that your energy is clear, imagine receiving nourishment and healing from the Earth. Powerful energy from the Earth’s core is charging you, filling you with light. You feel safe, secure, strong and empowered, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Mother Earth.

You are now grounded and ready to work!


Rituals are not routines, but mindful ways of living for soulful wellbeing.

  1. Early morning light ~
    Research reveals early morning light encourages a positive mindset for the entire day and even protects against depression and anxiety. Rise early and go outside for a few minutes, the sun will naturally boost your mood and energy as well as help maintain your circadian rhythm; essential as it interacts with most metabolic processes for health (Serin & Acar Tek, 2019).
  2. Yoga & deep breathing (pranayama)
    Yoga is an ancient practice for the body, mind and soul. It keeps the body and mind supple and energises the entire system. Stretch to recharge the muscles, improve posture and boost circulation. Check out Indra Devi for motivation! Partnered with mindful, deep abdominal breathing, it’s a perfect ritual for your day. Even 10 mins of pranayama positively impacts health and reduces depression and anxiety (Ma et al., 2017).
  3. Exercise ~
    Preferably in nature and greenery, or by the sea. It clears the mind, gets your blood and lymph pumping, and releases vital feel good hormones like endorphins – natural pain relievers. Aim for 30 mins daily.
  4. Hydration ~
    Water is vital for health and is protective in nature. Adults are approximately 75% water, so dehydration means headaches, fatigue, constipation, and premature aging. Try adding fresh lime and lemon slices to recharge and stimulate your system, particularly on rising. Herbal teas are excellent too. Water keeps skin juicy and plump for a dewy youthful glow.
  5. Nutrition ~
    Green vegies mean vitamins, minerals, fibre, and antioxidants (prevent free radical damage fighting inflammation, disease and pre-mature aging). A wide variety of wholefoods means good bug diversify in the gut, and a healthy gut, means a healthy mind. Fresh fruit and veg, nuts & seeds, cold pressed oils, legumes and whole foods are essential. A Mediterranean diet is highly recommended.
  6. Winding down ~
    Enjoy a chamomile tea and reflect on your day, then let it all go. A journal can help too. Put technology to bed at least 1 hour before you retire. A bath with relaxing essential oils is the perfect ritual to end your day.

Daily tips:

  • Rise early & honour the sun
  • Think positive & smile
  • Practice Yoga & meditation
  • Exercise
  • Drink plenty of herbal teas
  • Think of ways you can help the environment
  • Catch some sun & vitamin D
  • Do something creative
  • Stimulate your mind with crosswords & puzzles
  • Have an epsom salt bath regularly
  • Massage your hands, feet & scalp daily
  • Limit screen time
  • Send prayers to the earth & those in need
  • Reduce alcohol, caffeine, & processed sugar
  • Eat organic fruits & vegies
  • Drink filtered water & plenty of herbal teas
  • Practice good sleep hygiene
  • Reduce stress & the negativity in your life