+ Add ons

Add on treatments you will love!

Complement a massage, facial or body treatment with any of the following to further enhance your relaxation experience:

 15 minutes each

$15 each or choose 4 only pay for 3!

  1. Foot focus ~ foot cream rub with peppermint essential oil + hot stones
  2. Crystal therapy ~ enjoy these powerful healers to balance body, mind & soul. Adorned over the body & finished with Tibetan sound therapy
  3. Reiki ~ divine energy healing guided by Spirit
  4. Flower essence therapy ~ includes your personalised dosage remedy to take home!
  5. Face massage ~ beautiful oil face massage includes neck & shoulders
  6. Rosewater spritz ~ Relaxing rose restores & hydrates the skin. Antioxidant rich. Full body decadence
  7. Cleansing Ritual ~ Sacred sage smudge & blessing
  8. Foot spa ~ with magnesium salts & revitalizing aromatherapy oils
  9. Aromatherapy chakra balance ~ various essential oils are anointed on the 7 main chakras to aid balance & healing
  10. Skin brushing ~ Enjoy a full body brush, which exfoliates the skin, stimulates the lymphatic system, helps banish cellulite & increases circulation. Followed by warm aromatherapy towel down.
  11. Back treats ~ revive the back with a dry brush + scrub
  12. Head massage ~ focuses on stimulating pressure points on the scalp & Third Eye to calm & relax the nerves. Helps release stress & tension, soothes the entire nervous system
  13. Meditation ~ soothing guided meditation to fully immerse you in the relaxation experience
  14. Face mask ~ enjoy a nourishing face mask while your head is massaged
  15. Silk glove brushing (Garshana Ayurvedic skin brushing) ~ detoxifies & enhances the release of toxins