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Spiritual Healings include:

  • Reiki – This ancient Japanese healing technique uses universal energy, Prana or Chi to restore balance. It’s hands on healing, but I work mainly in the subtle energy field around the body. I may not physically touch you at all, but I will be accessing your chakras & etheric body where disturbances run deep & true healing begins. Regular sessions are believed to reduce aches & pains, emotional distress & even ward off illness. Reiki is a powerful tool for inner peace, healing & personal transformation. It helps clear emotional issues & balances Chakras. Reiki treats everything & goes where it’s needed most. You don’t even need to be a believer for it to work & it’s safe & simple working beautifully with Crystals, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Flower Essences to enhance healing.
  • Chakra Balancing – balances the 7 major chakras or energy centres in your etheric body. If chakras are unbalanced or blocked it creates stress & illness, so it’s important to keep this energy flowing freely
  • Crystal Healing – draws out impurities, balances energies & emits love & light bringing back balance & harmony. Crystals are powerful ancient healers full of light & wisdom
  • Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy – moves stagnant energy out of the Chakras & pure light vibrations in. Music resonates with the body, mind & soul, enhancing healing, relaxation & spiritual development
  • Flower Essence Therapy – powerful vibrational healing remedies that exude a life giving force that supports all we do. Their fine vibration works quickly on our energies, removing impurities from the system, restoring balance & harmony. Our hopes & dreams lay buried inside them waiting to be tapped into & harnessed. We are truly blessed by their presence as they are mighty healers bringing vitality & purpose to our lives. These healing tonics for the soul reside quickly in the Chakras removing blockages & provide a quick fix finally after years of torment. They work faster in combinations & Reiki speeds their potency. Pure joy in a bottle they are empowered & blessed with Love & Light!  Dosage bottle single $8 /$15 combo
  • Aura cleanse – An energy cleanse incorporating essential oils, sage smudge or sacred resins like copal or frankincense incense.

Guided by your soul & with Spirit by my side it ensures a dynamic result!

Price: $45

* Sessions are fully clothed. Allow 1 hour. Distant sessions are available



  • Bowden et al assessed the effect of Reiki on college students & found that it significantly reduced symptoms of depression & anxiety both immediately after treatment & 5 weeks post-treatment (A randomised controlled single-blind trial of the efficacy of Reiki at benefiting mood & well-being. Evidence Based Complementary Alternative Medicine. 2011;2011:381862).
  • Many countries, including Australia, use the system of Reiki as a complementary therapy currently in many Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Palliative Care Hospices, and Community Service Settings. 76 hospitals, medical clinics & hospice programs in USA have Reiki offered as standard part of care (see Centre for Reiki Research)
  • A study found Reiki therapy did decrease pain, anxiety, heart & respiratory rates (Thrane et al, 2016, AM J HOSP PALLIAT CARE).
  • A study demonstrated Reiki treatment is safe & feasible in the acute-care setting (Friedman et al, 2010, Journal of the American College of Cardiology).
  • Healers can help patients on the emotional level, which helps on the physical level. The positive impact on healing after surgery can be potentially huge (Feldman, 2016, Columbia University Medical Centre).


Chakras are whirling energy centres that open out when blocked or stuffed. They become like a fountain of light pushing outwards with nowhere to go and they are unable to utilise all we need in order to grow and push forwards.

Ritual cleansing of our Chakras is necessary in order for movement and change. Growth is paramount, we are all here to grow and utilize our needs as we see fit. This addresses the primary causes of all that happens to us, everything is laid out in our energy systems, our bodies utilise all of these in order to change and grow. All will happen in good time if we tap in and focus on all we have available to us. Otherwise, we are stagnant and growth is slow, slower than expected for evolution of our kind. All will happen in good time, we access messages from our quadrants, this takes time to replenish them, so good drainage is necessary; flow and rhythm. If we are distracted and bold this takes shape more slowly. If we are more focused and drawn into our true natures and beings, this timing escalates and we move forwards much quicker. We do not want to be here dragging our feet! All is precious and awaits us, so drawing it out is counterproductive to our needs.

Great wealth lies here in these vortexes of light, they draw in the energy we need and circulate it about the cells in order to repair. Access all you need now in order to grow and unfold, it is of paramount importance to be drawn into the body system and utilise how it works. We are governed by so much, but in the end we all rely heavily here on this being of light who enables us to draw what is necessary. Gifts from the universe abound, we must make a place for them in our lives, they are important, they focus us and draw all together for us. We are worthless without the energy systems of life, we must build and convey this to those in doubt, they are alone and frightened, they think their worth is instinctive, but we are far greater than this, it overrides all that we are.

So, bond now and come alive with the knowledge that you are alive and can access these portals of light whenever you wish. You take them for granted, but all will be revealed to you and you will access the portals of life necessary for the growth of the planet itself. The Earth feeds us, draws on our energy systems, as we do from hers. She is replicated in time and space and nothing can destroy her. Her wealth is amazing and she shoots it up into the sky and it rains on us. She makes way for us and unfolds all that is relevant to our cause. We are nothing without her her warmth and her touch. We glide effortlessly through life when we know the processes available to us, all is easy and relevant, nothing is dismissed. Our lives take on a new meaning and we are crystalised and perfect with all life forms. Nothing amounts to much without the light, the light draws us into her and knows our names, she utilises all forces for us, hope and wisdom cascade from her, the light is everywhere in everything you see and touch. She breathes life into us, doubles it, bang, like a shot in the night. She takes all her energy and forces it up and out, always up and out.

Draw and focus this energy, a type that is relevant and true. It will be with you always, a shining light of guidance that rings true always. Nothing is wrong or taken away from us ever, we are only light beings of light utilising all that we have in order to stay alive and thrive the best way we know how. So, take this wisdom to you and kiss the night. Always welcome in the night, it blesses you so much…” ~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker (C) 2016