Distant Healing/Reading

Distant healing works with the power of intention & according to Spirit, is just as potent as healing in person. Flooding & healing the body with electric light energy works in the same way, regardless of where you are, anywhere in the world.

What can be sent distant healing?

  • A person, family or group
  • An animal
  • A relationship
  • A situation
  • A home
  • A business

Your Distant Healing Options:

  • Protection – a popular choice for any of the above. Removes negativity from your energy system, protects from psychic attack, clears past life karma & builds on your incredible strength reserves within, which if weakened for too long, have left you vulnerable.
  • Depression & anxiety issues – in the words of Spirit – To be depressed is merely an imbalance, not an affliction. This imbalance may be rectified when all processes are acknowledged & used. Depression can be countered & risen above.
  • Baby – distant healing can be sent to your baby! To help ease the birth transition, can be sent to mum too!
  • Chakra balance – after tuning into your energies, I will analyse your chakras & identify any issues within your subtle body energy system. Balancing techniques utilised may include Reiki, Crystal healing, Tibetan singing bowl therapy, Chanting, Flower essence therapy,  Herbs & Aura clearing with sage smudge or 100% essential oils
  • Fertility issues – healing helps open up energetic pathways to nourish the cells & membranes involved in fertility. The more information I have in relation to fertility challenges, the more focused the healing can become. Healing may involve one or both partners.
  • Relationship issues – improve the body, mind & spirit connection with your partner or heal & balance relationship conflict or stress. Or just lift the vibration of your current relationship to a new level.
  • Feeling stuck – need change or some newfound magic? Sometimes we just need to clear some cobwebs out to open ourselves up to new energies. Opportunities & abundance can be stimulated.
  • Study focus – excellent around exam or test time, to help alleviate stress levels, balance & centre your energies & create calm & focus.
  • Illness – from a common cold to something more serious, I can work with you supporting & healing & guiding. The more detail I have in relation to your issue, the more precise the healing becomes. Your medical history, current treatments & medications is helpful. Science & Spirit are very powerful when they work together.
  • House clearing – is vital to clear & cleanse on psychic levels for energy, freedom and movement. So, if you are feeling stuck, having trouble selling property or just want the best start for your family energetically in a new home, this is ideal.
  • Meditation – a channelled healing guided meditation can be performed via skype. Or I can tune in to your energies & record your own personal session & send to you. People love this option.
  • Business clearing – business for sale? This works well to sever your psychic ties & attachments so movement & change can occur. Also works well if things are feeling stale & stagnant in an existing business. Or just for a tuneup & maintenance of energies for sustaining abundance & productivity.
  • Spiritual alignment – this is one of the most important jobs I perform. This is where I align your energies to become more in tune with your instinct & intuition. This empowers you, strengthens your innate ability to heal and aligns you with Spirit guides, the universal force, Angels & God. To master yourself is the greatest gift of all.

Of course, there are many more options available depending on your circumstances. Let me know what you have in mind & I will happily work with you.

Payment: $45

Payments may be made via bank transfers or paypal or payment box on your right. Gift vouchers are also available.

Distant sessions take 1 hr & include a detailed report on what I intuit & recommendations + homework (2 hours work in total). This is emailed to you via pdf within 48 hrs.

Please email or phone 0422 942 875 for bookings, payment details or enquiries. 

Feedback on your experiences, & any shifts or changes is appreciated. Your feedback is important.

*Please note: in some circumstances more than 1 distant session is recommended. This depends on the complexity & intensity of the issue presented, & the recommendations I receive from Spirit guides.

Distant Readings are also available & a pdf document is also sent.