Spell Work Consultations are available!

Energy created during spell crafting must be intensely personal to ensure success, so I won’t directly cast a spell for you. However, I will liase with you to put a spell together for you to cast yourself with ease and confidence.

I will provide you with easy step by step instructions to follow. I’ll help you align your intentions, list the herbs, crystals, incense and other sacred ingredients you’ll need and provide all relevant information.  Alternatively, you may like to purchase a Love & Light Spell Kit! I’ll inform you of the best time to spell craft, according to the moon and elemental energies and how to invoke Spirit and ask for their assistance. I’ll even channel some words for you from Spirit to use during your spell!

Just send me an email with the type of spell you desire (work, love, money, healing etc) & I’ll email you within 24 hrs with the result!


“All life is breathing & living energy. These energy lines are present everywhere & can be harnessed & accessed for magickal work of all kinds. Light a fire and build on its wealth by fuelling the fire. It is in this way we use magickal energy work. All things are alive & accessed, but you are still able to build on them, draw their wealth through to greater heights & force.

You must draw on this force kindly and work well with it. It does not take kindly to inconsiderate acts of unholy purity. All thought must be pure in this work; it is the lifeblood of the land, the stones at our feet, the air in our lungs, the wealth within our soils. To dirty or muddy the pool is to hinder the natural order of all life forms. You affect everything, as everything affects you. The law of cause and effect is real and must be used wisely and in consideration with the cycles and movement around you. You cannot glorify yourself – this would be cruel and unfair to those that surround you, for we are all equal in this pool of light and no better than one another.

You must search for the truth within each and every spell, this is what gives it power and momentum, this is what gives it a life force, and this is what makes it come to life and work. It is seamless, gliding beautifully on the wind. It does not taint, but holds itself true to all that surround it. Bring this magnificence through and you will make something beautiful to be proud of, that matters and makes a difference. And we all want to make a difference, to leave our footprint on the world, to make it greater, enhanced in spiritual meaning & purpose. So come to life now, and feed this force of life through you, it is simple and easy work, a pleasure to fuse with. Mix it up now and become noble and true. Reflect your true beauty out and never let it go…”~ Spirit

Channelled by Ivanka-Jane Walker (C)