Spiritual Readings incorporate:

  1. Tarot

    Tarot is an ancient & powerful tool used to empower & assist you on your spiritual path. Open yourself to divine guidance & heavenly blessings from above. We are never alone on our journey & once we open ourselves up to the divineness within & around us, we open doors to live with truth, power & conviction.

    Let me take you on a journey of discovery through the most well-known Tarot deck in the world! The Rider-Waite Tarot deck, loved & adored universally & rich with ancient symbology



Stones of light, they hold such power and might! These ancient stones have the ability to foresee, to open your life up and delve deeply into its mysteries.

Tune into the ancient oracle of the Runes, a gift from nature for true healing and illumination. They give guidance and teachings, blessing the soul with their wealth and wisdom. The Nordic and Celtic people believed every stone has a spirit which needs to be honoured, so join me on this powerful journey!



Numbers carry a vibrational energy & can be used to help find direction & purpose. They highlight our strengths & weaknesses & work well with Flower Essences.

Learn your ruling number in this lifetime – what drives you & your main motivation. Nothing is out of reach if you learn to harness & work with the energies available to you.

Numerology charts are included with all Reading sessions



Channelled wisdom from your guides full of powerful insight & love to uplift & guide you. A copy is emailed to you.

Allow one hour for your session. $45 1 hr